Theft and Criminal Mischief
Lane County, OR.

Thank you for your concern and knowledge in my defense. Thank you for being there with me. Good luck in LIFE and in your CAREER.

Hunting Violation
Blue River, OR.

Jordon did a good job on my case as i have no back ground in law and was very nervous in court. With Jordon’s help, I was able to relax and get the case presented fairly.

Child Custody
Lane County, OR

[Mr. Huppert] is ever professional in the tradition of the legal community when lawyers were more than the end of an insulting joke. Where modern lawyers have become glib and personal, blurring the line between a friend and an employee, Mr. Huppert seems proud to be able to have manners and self-control that seems to be lost in today’s legal field. I like that.

Mr. Huppert continues to show his individuality with his dedication and thoroughness to each legal issue I have come to him with. Constantly considering each item of business (no matter how large or small) with equal measure, Mr. Huppert chooses his words carefully and honestly.

Withdrawal of a Fraudulently Submitted Stipulated Judgment
Eugene, OR

I would like to take this opportunity to thank [Mr. Huppert] for all of your outstanding advice and for helping ease our minds through this legal process. We have referred [Mr. Huppert] to all of our friends and family for all their future legal needs.

Criminal Charges
Springfield, OR

Jordan was excellent and very through with me and that makes a great lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone as well as will use him again in the future

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